Subprocedures and Service Programs

The Most Affordable DVD-Based Training for RPG IV

From noted RPG IV expert, Bob Cozzi

Just $299 for this 3-Disc set with over 5 hours of training material.

An in-depth training series on DVD by Bob Cozzi

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Description and Free Preview

This DVD offers a complete introduction to subprocedures through advanced subprocedure/service program development. The viewer of the DVD will learn everything they need to know to begin using Subprocedures and Service Programs correctly. Broken out into chapters, this training DVD can be viewed over and over again until the programmer understand the concepts.

  1. Subprocedures and Service Programs Overview
  2. Subprocedures 101
  3. My First Subprocedure
  4. Prototyping
  5. Variable Scoping (Local vs Global Variables)
  6. Export and Importing Variables
  7. Subprocedure Parameter Keywords - In-Depth
  8. Service Program Architecture
  9. Working with Binding Directories
  10. Creating Service Programs
  11. Working with Binder Language

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About the Author

Bob Cozzi has authored hundreds of articles on System i and RPG development since 1983. His book, "The Modern RPG Language" has sold over 60,000 copies world-wide because of his clear, no-nonsense, zero-marketing hype approach to training. In 2005, he started Cozzi Productions which produces video content for the web and television, including a short piece for the Travel Channel. The "Subprocedures and Service Programs" training DVD is sure to be the go-to source for everyone who needs to learn RPG IV's subprocedure technology. Get your copy today.


Free Preview of this DVD

Subprocedure Overview (7:03)