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Advertise on iWeekly, RPG World's 1 hour streaming video show broadcast live every Friday at 16:00 GMT (Noon eastern time in the U.S.)

We normally have a few dozen viewers on the live stream, and then get hundreds to a few thousand listeners on the MP3 audio-only version we post after the show is aired live. In a few weeks we will also be archiving the entire video portion of the show and releasing that for on-demand viewing.

Advertising Rates (valid through 31 Dec 2008)

Right now, we're expecting to see under 1000 viewers/listeners until word-of-mouth about the shows builds an audience. The first 2000 viewers/listeners is $200 per show, $50 for each additional 1000 viewers/listeners.

A viewer is considered someone who clicks on the video archive or watches the live show. A listener is someone who clicks on the post-live show audio file or subscribes to iWeekly via RSS or iTunes.

Audience Advertising Rates
Up to 1999 $200
2000 to 2999 $250
3000 to 3999 $300
4000 to 4999 $350
5000 to 5999 $400
6000 to 6999 $450
7000 and up $500 + $50/per each additional thousand viewers/listeners

What Your Advertising Includes:

To reserve your advertising, contact Bob Cozzi via email.